Adam Levine | San Francisco Bay Area

Passionate About Good Content!

With a background in sales and customer management, I'm a Writer, Speaker, Editor, Audio Engineer, Perspective Marketer and Tangential Thinker.

Featured work:
Editor-in-Chief of Let's Talk Bitcoin!
Recent Writings

Jonathan Kovaciny

Web development and CMS management and customization

10 years experience in web development: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Drupal, Wordpress, Mediawiki, etc.

Lionel Dricot | Ottignies

Futurologist, visionary engineer and writer

As a futurologist, I help people, startups and companies to foster their vision and to get a foot in the future.

My work ranges from helping the founders of a not-yet-existing startup to the coaching of a R&D team in a big company. ... → Read more

Featured work:
Letters from the Future (EN)
Lettres du futur (FR)

Nate Wolfe | Toronto

Form and function.

Brand & Identity / UI & UX / Web & Mobile / Marketing

A graphic designer and creative director with a passion for brand development, user experience and future technologies. Over 10 years experience with international ... → Read more

Featured work:
Hopskoch - Tech Startup (2013): Brand & Web
BPM Festival - Event (2009): Web
SouzDal - Bar (2012): Brand & Web

Jon Shapiro | Denver

Making highly functional applications that are beautiful and easy to use

10 years experience in web and mobile application design and development. Please check our work on our website at

Joey Carlini | Livonia

Student and tinkerer, looking for work and such.

I'm doing my best to learn code and whatnot, trying to get things to work and learn how to do things for fun and profit.

Featured work:
Ubuntu Touch

Blake Zachariah

Cryptocurrency freak who also happens to be a Bitcoin Press Release expert and Bitcoin online marketing specialist

I conceived, designed, run and administrate which has evolved into a profitable and sustainable Bitcoin business.

I have an excellent understanding and demonstrated execution of online marketing as it relates ... → Read more

Featured work:
Bitcoin PR Buzz (I conceived, designed, run and administrate this project) Press Release
Bitcoin Catalog Press Release

Martin de Navacelle | Poissy

Monkey with a pencil

HTML5 CSS jQuery Javascript PHP Python Go !
China Ink Carbon Pencil Watercolor Intuos4 Painter !

Stu Smith

Freelance Illustrator and Creative Gunslinger-For-Hire

Freedom-loving Voluntaryist, crypto-currency advocate, time travelling brain in a skull on a planet.

Featured work:

Luigi Ihnatiuc | Constanța

Design so good you thought it was extinct.

Hello there !

My name is Luigi and I have been named after the Super Mario Bros, but I go by the name of zinodaur on ... → Read more

Featured work:
►Swallowed By The Sea
►Know Your Wizards!
►Oh My Glob

Graphic Design
►Good Love ( band logo )
►Down Town Bowling posters
►Cloud Hero logo

►Free Your Mind.
►F This !