Alexandre Bourget | Montreal

Python and AngularJS developer, Bitcoin enthusiast

I'm a creative web developer. I'm quite expert at Python, quite good at AngularJS. I'm the founder of (Bitcoin payments system). I need to freelance to give my family a living until I find a way to concentrate on ... → Read more

Featured work:
Founder of
Maintainer of python's gevent-socketio for real-time comms
Revamped's Application

Canton Becker | Santa Fe, NM

19+ years making elegant, intuitive websites

I specialize in creating elegant and intuitive websites powered by WordPress and custom-tailored database content management systems. I'm also passionate about making Bitcoin more accessible to general audiences.

I’ve been ... → Read more

Featured work:
Bitcoin Paper Wallet (Programming & Design)
The Asia Foundation
Global Ecotechnics / BioSphere 2

Mackenzie Browne | Toronto

Mobile / Web Developer

I build hybrid applications primarily for iOS and Android. Based out of Toronto Canada.

Featured work:
Mobile Developer - ClearBlade
Web Application Developer - IBM
Web Design - Advatum

Luigi Ihnatiuc | Constanța

Design so good you thought it was extinct.

Hello there !

My name is Luigi and I have been named after the Super Mario Bros, but I go by the name of zinodaur on ... → Read more

Featured work:
►Swallowed By The Sea
►Know Your Wizards!
►Oh My Glob

Graphic Design
►Good Love ( band logo )
►Down Town Bowling posters
►Cloud Hero logo

►Free Your Mind.
►F This !

Mike Christ | Hell, Texas

Fine Arts in the Digital Realm

I'm primarily centered on creative illustration and the fine arts. I know my way around the human body and most animals, and I'm familiar with both realism and stylistic. I do all my work in Photoshop CS6, from start to finish, with an ... → Read more

Featured work:
Concept Work
Book Cover

Isaac Miller | Newberry

Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Videographer, and Creative Director at Heads Aflame Media

I design websites and marketing campaigns for business, organizations, and people. I've designed websites for congressional campaigns, and have produced advertisements for TV and social media. I'm the creative director of Heads Aflame ... → Read more

Featured work:
Recent responsive wordpress design for Northern Nursery Inc rebranding concept design
Linda Goldthorpe Congressional Campaign