Garrett Remeš | San Francisco

Showing the rest of the world why you're awesome, through design!

I moved to the Bay Area about 5 years ago to take an internship as a game artist at Zynga (I was their first dedicated only to games). During my time there I designed the brand identity of a handful of their games on Facebook and MySpace, all of ... → Read more

Featured work:
An Assortment of Samples
Storm8 | (co-founder)

Brooks Boyd

Teaching computers / to make art with just some code. / It is what I do.

PHP developer, graphic artist, 3D animator and video effects artist.

I have lots of experience with rich PHP application development on a modern HTML stack: Zend Certified PHP Engineer, HTML5, CSS3/Compass/SCSS, ... → Read more

Malik Diouri | Paris

Art and design.

Work at Ecogex, graphic design studio in Paris.
Brand, type and web design nerd.
Libre graphic design enthusiastic.
Bitcoin lover since 2011.

Featured work:
Logos for Bitcoins
Ƀ Another Bitcoin identity
Delectable - web design inspiration database

Nate Wolfe | Toronto

Form and function.

Brand & Identity / UI & UX / Web & Mobile / Marketing

A graphic designer and creative director with a passion for brand development, user experience and future technologies. Over 10 years experience with international ... → Read more

Featured work:
Hopskoch - Tech Startup (2013): Brand & Web
BPM Festival - Event (2009): Web
SouzDal - Bar (2012): Brand & Web

Jon Shapiro | Denver

Making highly functional applications that are beautiful and easy to use

10 years experience in web and mobile application design and development. Please check our work on our website at

Jim Chen | Toronto

A hard-working, professional, and creative logo desiger (modest too)

I've been designing logos for 5 years now. At first I did it to improve my design skills, then discovered just how much fun I have designing. As a freelance graphic designer, I've designed over 50 logos in the past year.

I ... → Read more

Featured work:
Let's Talk Bitcoin! Web podcast
Brainypedia - Force Feed Your Brain

Jonathan Kempf

Visual designer specializing in creating innovative user experiences and web applications.

I have a background in traditional art which I use to rapidly prototype conceptual ideas for my projects. My goal is to give users power through my designs and communicate objectives clearly and beautifully. Currently I am working on designing a ... → Read more

Featured work:
Gregory Lamberson - Writer and Director
Spruke - an electropop musician

jayson cantones | Davao

a little bit of everything

i just do and love art!

Martin de Navacelle | Poissy

Monkey with a pencil

HTML5 CSS jQuery Javascript PHP Python Go !
China Ink Carbon Pencil Watercolor Intuos4 Painter !

Stu Smith

Freelance Illustrator and Creative Gunslinger-For-Hire

Freedom-loving Voluntaryist, crypto-currency advocate, time travelling brain in a skull on a planet.

Featured work: