Olivier Lalonde

Bitcoin Engineer

Been involved with Bitcoin since 2012. Wrote trading bots, worked on solvency
audit schemes and tools, consulted for multiple Bitcoin companies, invented a
Blockchain based gambling protocol, wrote a Bitcoin wallet and full node, ... → Read more

Gardiner Allen | Saint Louis, MO

Hacking the planet

Full stack capabilities in any language or platform. Angular JS fluent, MongoDB, Redis, Ruby, Python, Postgres, MySQL, etc. Enterprise architect by day, open source hacker by night.

Featured work:
Launch SMS

Alexandre Bourget | Montreal

Python and AngularJS developer, Bitcoin enthusiast

I'm a creative web developer. I'm quite expert at Python, quite good at AngularJS. I'm the founder of bitcredits.io (Bitcoin payments system). I need to freelance to give my family a living until I find a way to concentrate on ... → Read more

Featured work:
Founder of BitCredits.io
Maintainer of python's gevent-socketio for real-time comms
Revamped Tenscores.com's Application

Kevin Johnson | San Francisco

Keep it simple, stupid

I do iOS and Ruby on Rails

Featured work:

Benjamin Rees | Vancouver

Simply put, we are an awesome Web Design and Development team!

I'm a 27 year old developer, project manager, and general director at Windorbreez, a Web Design and Development group based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC. We are passionate and motivated designers and developers looking to build a company based ... → Read more

Featured work:
Windorbreez - Web Design and Devleopment
Devbreez - Design and Development Assistant

Sandro Munda

Passionate software developer, idea makers.

You have an awesome idea and you don't know how you can realize it...

I will implement the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your idea in two weeks. You will have a functional product: all you need to prove that your idea rocks!

Featured work:
Baboon Project

Andrew Le | San Francisco

Pull prints and push code

Former web developer for ZeroBlock, pre-Blockchain.info acquisition. Lead engineer at Libra, making blockchain accounting software. We're hiring full stack web developers.

Featured work:
Personal Portfolio

Lionel Dricot | Ottignies

Futurologist, visionary engineer and writer

As a futurologist, I help people, startups and companies to foster their vision and to get a foot in the future.

My work ranges from helping the founders of a not-yet-existing startup to the coaching of a R&D team in a big company. ... → Read more

Featured work:
Letters from the Future (EN)
Lettres du futur (FR)

Jon Shapiro | Denver

Making highly functional applications that are beautiful and easy to use

10 years experience in web and mobile application design and development. Please check our work on our website at http://www.ideasbynature.com.