Adam Levine | San Francisco Bay Area

Passionate About Good Content!

With a background in sales and customer management, I'm a Writer, Speaker, Editor, Audio Engineer, Perspective Marketer and Tangential Thinker.

Featured work:
Editor-in-Chief of Let's Talk Bitcoin!
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Brooks Boyd

Teaching computers / to make art with just some code. / It is what I do.

PHP developer, graphic artist, 3D animator and video effects artist.

I have lots of experience with rich PHP application development on a modern HTML stack: Zend Certified PHP Engineer, HTML5, CSS3/Compass/SCSS, ... → Read more

Canton Becker | Santa Fe, NM

19+ years making elegant, intuitive websites

I specialize in creating elegant and intuitive websites powered by WordPress and custom-tailored database content management systems. I'm also passionate about making Bitcoin more accessible to general audiences.

I’ve been ... → Read more

Featured work:
Bitcoin Paper Wallet (Programming & Design)
The Asia Foundation
Global Ecotechnics / BioSphere 2

Mackenzie Browne | Toronto

Mobile / Web Developer

I build hybrid applications primarily for iOS and Android. Based out of Toronto Canada.

Featured work:
Mobile Developer - ClearBlade
Web Application Developer - IBM
Web Design - Advatum