Johan Steneros | San Pedro Alcantara

Digital Swis Army Knife

Branding / UX & UI Profesional also frontend

Olivier Lalonde

Bitcoin Engineer

Been involved with Bitcoin since 2012. Wrote trading bots, worked on solvency
audit schemes and tools, consulted for multiple Bitcoin companies, invented a
Blockchain based gambling protocol, wrote a Bitcoin wallet and full node, ... → Read more

Dynam Dan

A friendly, customer oriented, agile designer, with emphasis on powerful functionality through simplicity, accessibility, privacy and enjoyability.

I like to make cool things using art and technology, especially with creative marketing. For example, I've designed and managed the building of interactive photo contests, online app based singing competitions and other software that helps ... → Read more

Featured work:

Garrett Remeš | San Francisco

Showing the rest of the world why you're awesome, through design!

I moved to the Bay Area about 5 years ago to take an internship as a game artist at Zynga (I was their first dedicated only to games). During my time there I designed the brand identity of a handful of their games on Facebook and MySpace, all of ... → Read more

Featured work:
An Assortment of Samples
Storm8 | (co-founder)

Gardiner Allen | Saint Louis, MO

Hacking the planet

Full stack capabilities in any language or platform. Angular JS fluent, MongoDB, Redis, Ruby, Python, Postgres, MySQL, etc. Enterprise architect by day, open source hacker by night.

Featured work:
Launch SMS

Reuben Cummings | Peoria

Data Scientist and Web Application Developer

Programming Experience:
- Languages (Python, SQL, Shell, Javascript/Coffeescript, HTML, CSS)
- Platforms (Backbone, Chaplin, Brunch, Flask, Bootstrap, Phonegap)
- Libraries (Nodejs, Express, Jquery, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, ... → Read more

Featured work:
A Flask powered personal finance app
A node/backbone/github-api powered app

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