Nate Wolfe | Toronto

Form and function.

Brand & Identity / UI & UX / Web & Mobile / Marketing

A graphic designer and creative director with a passion for brand development, user experience and future technologies. Over 10 years experience with international brands and startups.

My day job brings me between NYC and Toronto as lead designer and founding employee of an NYC-based tech startup and social platform.

When I'm not working, I'm either lost on the internet absorbing my daily dose of news and sarcasm, slaving away on one of my personal projects (of which there are a seemingly never-ending supply), or daydreaming about whatever wild future we may have in store. Maybe with friends. Probably over drinks.

I create brands, images and words designed with precision to capture the attention of their audience and user interactions that are simple and engaging across web, mobile and print. I love clever, responsive, usable design.

I am looking to work with intelligent, creative and ambitious clients who have an excellent business or product but don't have the design piece of the puzzle solved yet. I can craft catchy, coherent brands and stand-out front-ends, creating lasting first impressions. This is most impactful when the client wants to go in a new direction or needs a fresh start. I am an excellent brand designer and strategist, and I find working with startups particularly engaging.

You can reach me at:

I'm proficient in much of Adobe's Creative Suite, including and especially Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. I code clean, valid HTML and CSS. I am also a proficient illustrator, photographer and copywriter.

Featured work:
Hopskoch - Tech Startup (2013): Brand & Web
BPM Festival - Event (2009): Web
SouzDal - Bar (2012): Brand & Web