Benjamin Rees | Vancouver

Simply put, we are an awesome Web Design and Development team!

I'm a 27 year old developer, project manager, and general director at Windorbreez, a Web Design and Development group based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC. We are passionate and motivated designers and developers looking to build a company based on providing true value to businesses through a fantastic web presence.

We hated the way client interaction was handled, so we made a little interactive tool to make everyone lives easier, faster, and better.

We are fortunate to have enough regular work to be able to branch out and take a bit of a risk. Then again, our team is built by risk takers! We would ideally love to help launch bitcoin related sites, but we will absolutely do normal web design and development!

We build scalable frameworks built from the ground up with the best and most effective SEO practices. We try to stay on the cutting edge of mobile web development, and absolutely love using PhoneGap to bring HTML5/Javascript into native android/iOS environments.

We would love to get more involved in bitcoin and help other bitcoiners as well. Bitcoin exists entirely by the communities acceptance of it, and we want to accelerate that dream.

Our web-tools address is (which we use to streamline the design/development process and make the process simpler, more interactive, and more enjoyable for our clients). Check it out - make an account and let's get started!

Featured work:
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Devbreez - Design and Development Assistant