Garrett RemeŇ° | San Francisco

Showing the rest of the world why you're awesome, through design!

I moved to the Bay Area about 5 years ago to take an internship as a game artist at Zynga (I was their first dedicated only to games). During my time there I designed the brand identity of a handful of their games on Facebook and MySpace, all of which did remarkably well. I also did print work occasionally for fliers and promotional materials, as well as animations for the marketing team (flash banners and static images alike).
Afterwards I went on and co-founded Storm8 Inc., another gaming company, this time on mobile. Our games became almost an overnight hit, much more popular than the existing competition, largely as a result of my innovation and design. The only thing that differentiated us was the Graphics and User Experience, which I was solely in charge of. All 9 games we launched in that first year were performing in the top 10 in Apple's AppStore, with some reaching #1.
My art has impacted over 200 million people, and has been installed 600 million times.
I decided I wanted to explore some new skills on my own, and left the company to take some time to learn more about electronics and microprocessors, and do some prototyping of my own using a machine shop with mills, lathes, welders and much more. I pretty much doubled the variety of skills in my repertoire by doing so. Most of what I know I have taught myself. This makes me at times unconventional, but also gives me a powerful and unique ability to spot opportunity.
I keep pretty busy, but in my free time I like to think about philosophy and cybernetics. My quest for knowledge has been humbling, yet also very rewarding and inspiring. Taking from this a strong will to be genuine and passionate (and have fun) - I have put myself in a more poised position to innovate. I believe we can achieve anything we want with enough resilience and courage. I will. Let me help you.

Featured work:
An Assortment of Samples
Storm8 | (co-founder)